Your sleeping position with your partner can say a lot about your relationship! Here’s what you need to know!

There are a number of things that we do subconsciously, that can tell a lot about us, and our character. When we sleep for example, the position that we are sleeping in with our partner, can tell a lot about the type of relationship that we have.

So today, we are going to share with you a list of the most common positions that couples sleep in, and what they mean.

The chase

This is a common one. It suggests that the one is in pursuit of the other, or that one partner does not like to be in a close relationship.

The tangle

This is a fairly intimate sleeping position. This sleeping position is very common at the beginning of the relationship and it means that the two partners are very dependent on each other.

The unraveling knot

This sleeping position starts with the tangle position, and then unravels after a couple of minutes. It indicates that the relationship between the two partners is very strong and they are dependent on each other.

The spoon

This is an uncommon sleeping position, and the partners that sleep in this position are protective over one another.

The loose spoon

This is a sleeping position that indicates a mature relationship between the partners. It is less sexual than the spoon position, and it is an indicator of a healthy and serious relationship.

The liberty lovers

This is a sleeping position that is very common, and it shows the security and the connection the two partners feel for each other.

The back kissers

It is a sleeping position that indicates a comfortable and a relaxed relationship.

The nuzzle

This is a sleeping position that instills a sense of nurturing, security and strengthening of the relationship that the two people have.

The leg hug

The people that intertwine their legs, typically shows that they crave a sexual or an emotional connection. It is a very good position to sleep in, because it clearly shows that the two partners are in harmony with each other.

The space hog

This one is not great for the partners because it shows that one of them is dominant and selfish. This is an indicator of a toxic relationship that should be ended sooner rather then later.

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