Your liver is sending you signs that it is full with toxins and it is making you fat

The human liver has the ability to transform the toxins that are located in your body, into a waste, and then your body removes them through the urine and feces.

That is the reason why the liver is considered to be one of the most important organs in our body. As the time passes by, the liver can become overwhelmed and sluggish and this will result in the inability to eliminate the toxins. When this happens, the toxins will be stored in the fat cells, around your belly area, and you need to learn to recognize the signs of a sluggish liver.


A liver that functions without problems, will produce antibodies which will attach the allergens. But, as the function of the liver decreases, the body will begin to store those allergens. The reaction of the brain to this situation is to produce histamine, which is a chemical that will mark the allergens for removal. The bad thing is that an excessive buildup of histamine will lead to allergy symptoms like fogginess, headaches, and itchiness.

Sudden weight gain

When your liver is not 100 percent working, reducing the workout rates and calories will not help against weight loss. What is more, the liver is responsible for metabolizing fats, and when it is not properly functioning, the fat will circulate from the gut through the bile and back to the organ again.

Chronic fatigue

According to the experts, chronic fatigue is one of the main symptoms of liver toxicity. Toxins can cause fatigue, disrupt your system and different types of pain, which is why the toxicity needs to be addressed sooner and not later. Dr. David Buscher says that this problem can get worse if the toxins come back and they will attack the whole immune system, leaving your body without its defenses.

Body odor and excessive sweating

The liver will become hot and it will transfer the heat to the rest of your body, which will then take measures to cool itself down. This happens by sweating. This results in sweating and a strong body odor.

Bad breath

If you have a problem with eliminating the bad breath, despite that you brush and floss all the time, it can be a sign of a sluggish liver. The bad breath comes as a result of the toxin buildup in your body.


When the body is being overloaded by toxins, it can cause hormonal imbalance, which will lead to some kind of skin problems like acne. These type of acne will not be removed by any external cleanser or creams if they appear as a result of a sluggish liver.

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