Your face can reveal which body part is sick, and what to do about it!

The world is composed of a number of countries that have different cultures and traditions. Some of these traditions are still being used today, but most of them are left ignored because of the advancement of modern medicine and treatments.

The modern medicine does not trust in old ways of healing, but they have proven to be effective. One of these methods was used in ancient Chinese medicine, and it does not depend on technology and sophisticated machines in order to become aware of the disease, but the healers adopted an easy, yet effective way to read the face of the patient, thus becoming aware of the symptoms and signs of the disease.

For an example, they assumed that skin issues which include dry skin, redness, and even acne is caused by some type of organ issue since all the organs in the human body are interconnected with each other. This is a method that is known as face mapping, and it was one of the most important instruments that were used in order to detect a great number of health problems during the old times.

It is a method that greatly depends on the location of the skin condition that the patient is experiencing, particularly acne on the face. It is a technique that is non-invasive and safe, and with its help, you can easily recognize the diseases. Lots of people are not aware of the fact that all our organs are interconnected in a natural way, and just because we experience some kind of problem in a particular area of our body, does not mean that the problem is located there.

In this article, we are going to show you how the ancient Chinese used this method to diagnose problems in different body parts.

Acne on the cheeks

  • Smoking
  • Accumulation of bacteria
  • Poor blood circulation
  • If you have a habit of touching your face

Acne on the T-zone

  • Accumulation of bacteria
  • Excessive intake of alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Too much coffee consumption

Acne on the jaw, neckline or chin

  • Too much starch intake
  • Excessive consumption of processed sugars
  • Hormonal issues
  • Candida infection
  • Small intestine and bladder issues

Most of the time, acne breakouts that happen in the area of our forehead, can be connected with problems in the small intestines or bladder, similar to water infections

Face mapping by organ

In order to determine the reason behind acne, you need to look at the location that they are appearing at, and it is a much better way to become aware of certain disease. You just need to locate the organ that is connected to a specific part of your face, which will help you find out what kind of condition or disease you are suffering from.

  1. Liver, the area between your eyebrows

If you like eating lots of meat, then your stomach needs to work overtime in order to completely digest the meat. This will make your organs work without rest, which can make them overworked. As a result of this acne can appear on your face. To solve this problem you need to consume a healthy diet that is consisted of raw and fresh fruits, along with vegetables. You need to stop eating processed foods and drink alcohol. You also need to spend time outside and breathe fresh air for a few minutes every day.

  1. Kidneys – eye zones and eyebrows

If there is an acne breakout in these areas, they are most probably caused by dehydration and malnutrition. Weakened heart and poor blood circulation can also be the reason behind it. It happens because most people are leading an unhealthy life filled with smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol. If you want to avoid this problem, then you need to drink lots of water every day, and also avoid alcohol, coffee, and cigarettes.

  1. Lungs and kidneys – cheeks

Because of the fact that cheeks cover a major part of our face, any problems in this area are immediately noticeable. These issues are connected with the problems of your lungs and kidneys. The reason behind this type of acne breakout is usually poor dental hygiene. To solve this problem you need to brush and floss your teeth regularly, and you need to stop consuming foods that are packed with sugar.

  1. Upper part of the cheeks – lungs

Smokers are more exposed to this problem, and also people that are more exposed to air pollution, usually suffer from acne breakouts in the upper part of their cheeks. To solve this problem, you need to stop smoking and limit the time that you are spending outside.

  1. Mouth and chin – stomach

Acne breakouts in the chin and mouth areas, indicate that you are suffering from stomach issues. If you are type of person that has a hard time digesting the food, it will eventually show acne in these areas. These breakouts are caused by an excessive consumption of alcohol, and because of the intake of sugary and fatty foods on a regular basis. You need to prevent the consumption of these foods and then slowly add small amounts of fermented foods into your daily diet. This will help you treat this issue.

  1. Neck and jaw breakouts – hormonal problems

The reason behind some of the worst acne breakouts are hormones. Acne that can be found in the jaw and neck area are almost every time caused by hormonal imbalance. It is connected to the intake of pills or medications that can lead to this condition. The neck is a sensitive area of your body, and the acne in this area are even more so, and that is the reason why you need to consult with your doctor because the medications that you are taking can be causing hormonal imbalance. To normalize the levels of your hormones, you need to control the intake of caffeine and salt.

  1. Nose area – heart problems

If your nose suddenly becomes red and inflames, it could mean that you are experiencing health issues that are somehow related to your chest, and in most cases – the heart. Our noses are connected to the heart and that might be the reason that you are experiencing acne breakouts. You need to remove salty foods and it is advisable that you remove salt from your diet for some time.

  1. Forehead breakout – bladder and small intestine

Acne breakout on the forehead is usually extremely unpleasant. If you are experiencing this problem it can mean that you consume too much fatty and processed foods, and the food that you are eating contains small amounts of fiber. What is more, alcohol abuse and stress can also lead to this problem, and in some cases, dehydration. To solve this problem, you need to drink anywhere from 10 to 12 glasses of water during the day.


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