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You can remove all the unwanted hair from your face with just one tomato!

Did you know that you can remove the unwanted hair from your face by preparing a tomato peel-off mask?

The cosmetic industry is a business worth several billions of dollars, and they are releasing tons of products that can maintain the beauty and the radiance of your skin. One of those products is the peel-off mask. This mask is used to uproot the fine facial hair on your face. These masks also hydrate, fix and nourish the facial skin with antioxidants.

But, we can prepare a mask that has the exact same properties as its commercial counterpart, at the comfort of our own homes. It is prepared by using gelatin powder, uncooked milk and one tomato.

In order to prepare this mask, you need to take a smaller bowl and then squeeze one ripe tomato. Then mix one tablespoon of tomato juice, uncooked milk, and gelatin. Take a double boiler saucepan and boil the ingredients. At the end, add a couple of drops of honey.

This concludes the preparation process. When the mixture is prepared for use, you need to apply it on your face and then let it dry. Just after a few minutes, slowly peel off the mask. You will notice the results immediately!

This mask is a perfect example that you don’t need to buy tons of products that are very expensive, in order to maintain your beauty. Just use the ingredients that you most probably have in your kitchen.

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