These yoga exercises will improve your sleep, and you will feel much better in the morning!


If you are having a hard time sleeping at night, then this article will interest you. We are going to show you and talk about effective yoga postures that will help you sleep properly and relax your body.

Many people turn and turn around in their beds before they actually fall asleep. It happens to most of us, and we are then feeling exhausted during the following day because we have not slept very well during the night. But, it is important to note that this is a problem that can easily be fixed, with the help of yoga movements.

Stance of the child


If you are experiencing knee problems, then this exercise is not recommended for you. But, if you don’t experience knee problems, we strongly encourage you to do it. You will be able to feel that your stomach, shoulders, nervous system, back, and mind relax.

You need to position yourself in a position where your heels touch your butt. You can also stretch your arms forward, and the most important thing to remembers is to breathe deeply while performing this exercise.

The Zapatero lying

This is a position that is also known as the butterfly posture. In order to do it, you need to lie down on your back and then raise your knees, put your heels together and then slowly drop your knees.

Many people cannot touch the floor with their knees, and the ones that can’t, can place a pillow on the sides. You need to place your arms on the ground, and then breathe deeply.

You can also perform a variation of this exercise, by laying down on your back and then grabbing your knees, bringing them closer to your chest, as in the picture below. Then turn from one side to the other in a very gentle way. By doing this you are essentially stretching and massaging the lower part of your back.

Torsion of supine column


In order to perform this exercise, you need to lie down on your back and then slowly raise your knees up. When your knees are raised, you need to drop them gently to the right side. You can use your right hand to grasp your thighs, which will allow you to stabilize your legs.

At the same time, you need to stretch your left arm to the left, turning your head in the direction of your arm. When performing this exercise, you need to try and melt your shoulders to the ground and as usual, breathe deeply.

Fish Pose


You need to sit on the bed, and then let your arms fall behind your back. Then, slide your palms downward, below the end of the glutes.

When sliding your palms, press the bottom of the arms against the floor. This is a movement that will slightly bend your elbows, and then use your hands to lift your body and open your chest. When in this position, you need to breathe deeply up to ten times and then lay down.


You need to take a blanket, or a very thick book and then sit on it. Then, cross your feet and stretch your spine. Also, relax your shoulders. You now need to concentrate on your breathing and do not let your surroundings to distract you. You just need to focus on your breathing.

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