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Wonderful Syrup that Regularizes the Pressure, Cleans the Veins, Removes Headaches, Palpitations, Tiredness, and Anxiety

For those suffering from arthritis, bone pain, joints, back pain, knees, hands, etc. we invite you to prepare this natural remedy so that these inflammations will disappear and so the pains will diminish. The mode of use in this case will be 5 drops of the syrup 3 times a day.

If you have a cold sore, inflammation or toothache, place a couple of drops 3 times a day directly in the affected area and goodbye pains.

For teenagers and people suffering from acne, with this they will cleanse their face of shine, imperfections, pimples and blackheads. Take 10 drops in the morning in a glass of water for 3 months

If you have felt that “empty stomach” because of an ulcer, take 5 drops in a half glass of water in the morning to help you heal.


-1/4 pure honey bee
-10 lemons, just the juice
-10 cloves of garlic without peel
-5 cm of fresh ginger in pieces


Put the ”honey bath” honey, when it is hot, drain the garlic, ginger and lemon juice and let it boil for two minutes.

Allow to cool and place in a glass jar with a lid. store in refrigeration where it will have an expiration of 4 months.

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