Wi-Fi is a silent killer that is killing us slowly!

Almost everyone has a Wi-Fi in their house because it is a convenient way to stay connected to the internet. But, there are some safety concerns about it, and there are some experts who believe that Wi-Fi can endanger our overall health, especially in children.

Wi-Fi has a negative impact on numerous things, from our sleep quality to brain health. The devices are connected to the Wi-Fi router with the emission of WLAN signals, which essentially are electromagnetic waves.

The loop of these signals are harmful to our overall health, and according to a study that was conducted by the British Health Agency, wireless routers have a harmful effect on the growth of people and plants.

Dangers of Wi-Fi:

It can damage childhood development

The routers emit a non-thermal radio frequency radiation, that can disrupt the normal cellular development, and this especially applies to fetal development. It is a radiation that affects growing tissues like in youth and children, and they are more susceptible than people that belong to other age groups.

Neutralizes sperm

Exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies reduce the movement of the sperm and can cause DNA fragmentation. What is more, it can have an impact on fertility and it can also increase the risk of abnormal pregnancy.

It contributes to insomnia

Wi-Fi will also impact your sleep. If you have the feeling that you cannot fall asleep, or you have an irregular sleeping pattern, it can be because of the low-frequency modulation from Wi-Fi and cell phones. People that are exposed to electromagnetic radiation have a difficult time falling asleep, and we know that the inability to have a good night sleep, can lead to dangerous health complications.

Agitates brain function

Wi-Fi will affect your concentration and the function of your brain. It will reduce the activity of your brain and as a result of that, you might experience some trouble with concentration or experience memory loss.

Causes cardiac stress

There are many people that experience a physical response to electromagnetic frequencies, including elevated heart rate. That means that Wi-Fi increases the risk of having heart problems and cardiovascular diseases.

Increases the risk of cancer

When the human body is exposed to electromagnetic radiation, it will in time increase the risk of developing some kind of tumor.

How to protect yourself against Wi-Fi radiation

  • Do not place the router in your bedroom or kitchen
  • Don’t keep the phone in your pocket, at least when you are at home or at work
  • In order to reduce the electromagnetic radiation at home, use wired phones
  • If you are a pregnant woman, never keep phones close to your belly
  • You need to make sure that your phone is located at the other end of the room when you are sleeping, or on the seat of the car when you are driving
  • Never use wireless baby monitors, because they operate on microwave frequency
  • Before you go to sleep at night, disconnect all Wi-Fi devices


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