What Are the Biggest Parenting Mistakes?

As a parent, you probably face many challenges.

Disciplining your child can be very hard, as there are moments when you don’t know whether to be strict or tolerant. Nobody is perfect, so it’s ok for parents to make mistakes. But, they often fear that their mistakes can have a negative effect on their child’s mental development.

You have many responsibilities and you want to be a good role model for your kids. No wonder that your actions and words affect their thinking, feelings, and acting. The question is, can you prevent certain parenting mistakes? Once you become aware of your mistakes, you will be better at preventing them.

Here are the most common parenting mistakes

Inability to relax and rest 

If you keep saying ”stop goofing around” or ”be serious” to your kid, they will not be able to relax around you or anyone. Phrases like ”grow up” or ”don’t be such a baby” will leave a negative effect on your kid’s self-esteem. They will start feeling unsatisfied. Moreover, kids who grew up this way, are more likely to develop anxiety later in life.


You should never criticise every move your child makes. Children who grew up with parents who often criticized them are at increased risk of developing depression later in life. Sometimes, overprotection can be counterproductive. Overparenting makes your children doubt their own qualities. Also, you make them overly dependent upon you.

Low self-confidence 

You should never compare your child to others. You should make every effort to support your child in its educational and learning process. Using a sentence like: ”Why you didn’t get an A” is the worst thing you can do. These words affect your child’s self-esteem. Over time, they might feel unworthy.

Harmful addictions

You should never tell your child: ”You only cause problems.” Then, your child might try indulging in extreme sports and continue putting himself in dangerous situations on purpose.

Lack of initiative 

You should never suppress their talents. Children dream of becoming a singer, a model, or professional football player. These things might sound unrealistic to you, but for them, they mean the whole world. You do want your children to pursue their dreams, don’t you?

Suppressing emotions 

Your child should know that feelings matter. You should never suppress their emotions by telling them to stop crying. If you show a lack of empathy and sensitivity, your child could start imitating your behavior. This can cause your children lifelong psychological problems.

Trust issues 

Most parents teach their children about not trusting to dangerous strangers and their suspicious behavior. But, if you keep repeating them this over and over again, they might build distrust which can become an obstacle in building relationships later in life. Also, they might develop insecurity and a weak personality later in life.


Reminding your children that you have sacrificed for them is bad for their mental development. In this way, your children might develop a sense of guilt. They will think that haven’t deserved the things you’ve done for them. Moreover, they may have the same feeling even when they grow up.


Overcontrolling your children can also be counterproductive. Do you want your children to be immature and irresponsible? If you don’t let them bring important decisions in their lives, they will always feel the fear of change.

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