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Weight loss breakfast – with which products will you lose your kilograms twice as fast?

If you want to lose extra pounds, do not skip breakfast. Although many newly-loaded diets and diet regimes advise that breakfast is overvalued and you can freely forget it, a study published in International Journey of Obesity proves the contrary.

Namely, the eggs are a great ally in the fight against pounds. During the two-month study, 2 different groups of people who were on a diet were examined. One group consumed eggs for breakfast while the other baked goods.

It is interesting to note that both groups consumed the same number of calories during the meal, but in 65% of cases more kilos lost men and women who ate eggs for breakfast.

They also said they had more energy than the respondents who started carbohydrates, or white baked goods, whose body weight index was reduced less than the group that consumed eggs.

These results should not surprise us, because the eggs are considered an excellent source of protein that saturates and prevents overeating in the rest of the day.

They help regulate good cholesterol and are rich in vitamin B12 that allows the normal functioning of more parts in the body.

You need to keep in mind that 1 egg contains about 160 calories, but also that this figure is increased by heat treatment, that is, whether the egg is cooked, roasted or fried on butter or oil.

For keeping the diet, it is still most recommended to eat boiled eggs in combination with vegetables or salad.


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