Was WATER the cure and WE didn’t knew that?!

Here is an extremely effective therapy which was favored in the Ayurveda medicine, also this treatment has been confirmed to be really beneficial for our health, and it is very easy since it demands only to consume water the moment once you get up. The indicated therapy is called the Usha Paana Chikitsa in the Sages of India, and it has strong therapeutic results, it can heal many health problems, it calms from numerous sorts of pain and even avoids cancer. If the term of this therapy is interpreted, it indicates “early morning water treatment”.

The therapy is assisting the cleansing of our body, it boosts the absorption of nutritious from the foods we eat, and is out of the inner system in our body.

Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj has re-discovered the technique in the late 1970’s and he has again confirmed that the intake of water in the morning hours, might be very useful for us. Actually water manages to treat numerous problems, for example, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, autoimmune disorders, migraines and arthritis.

The doctor was birthed in Iran in the late 1930’s, he visited St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School of London University, in which he graduated and has discovered lots of things by his professor, who was a Nobel Prize winner, who everybody knew back then, his name was Sir Alexander Fleming!

The time he returned in Iran in 1979, he was captured by the law and locked up as a political prisoner in the Evin Prison where he was 2 and a half years.

When he was jailed he handled to save over 3,000 other prisoners, only with water. He wrapped up that consuming water in the morning is very useful, because every one of the prisoners were treated from stress-induced ulcer illness and they simply drank water.

The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology recorded all of his searchings for from the moment he was jailed, they were reported in June 1983, and also the same month on June 21, his data were released by the New York Times Science Watch.

He visited the U.S in 1982 when he handled to run away from the Iranian prison. When he headed there, he began to spend money in his researches, in which he discussed the effects of chronic unintended dehydration of our bodies. When he had adequate assets, he publicized his findings, that was in 1992 and 1993.

Also in his posts he discussed a few times, that we frequently mistake our thirstiness signs with the signs that our body sends out caused by some diseases.

As we grow older, our system gets increasingly more dehydrated, just to avoid from a total dehydration and prevent from a lot of illness, it would be smart to take in more water on regular basis.

Here we have clarified the water therapy in particulars:

-When you get up in the morning, initial drink a glass of water on an empty stomach (filtered), this will provide your body with the minerals it requires, and with all those minerals your body can alkalize.

-Once you drink the glass of water, don’t have breakfast or drink anything for the following 45 minutes.

-You can drink a glass of water thirty minutes before your food, or you can drink water 2 hours once you have the meal.

The Japanese Medical Society, has wrapped up that this method with just consuming water in the morning, can lower high blood pressure in just a month, and can manage irregularity and stomach problems in only 10 days!

So as to gain motivation, took a look at the list of the advantages that are given by this therapy:

— Consuming water will assist your body to cleanse. A skin specialist from Atlanta, Ellner Kenneth stated “If you are taking in water efficiently as much as your body demands, your kidneys will sufficient for a whole body cleansing.

Consuming water after waking up, on an empty stomach will be extremely helpful for you, due to in this way your body can get rid of all of the toxins that were collected by flushing them.” And if you even intend to provide more valuable results, try including a freshly squeezed lemon in the glass of water, this can boost the purpose of the enzymes, it will boost the rate of peeing and it will cleanse your liver!

-Therapy improves your metabolism rapidly. If you are committed, and you consume a glass of water in the morning, you will get a metabolism increase by an incredible 24% in only an hour and a half!

-When anyone wakes up, their body is dried up. If you sleep about 8 hours each day, you are probably to get up dehydrated. As a result the consumption of a glass of water will help the creation of your blood cells, your muscles will be producing more blood and it will also boost the flow of oxygen in the entire body, every one of these effects are stimulating which is exactly what you want in the morning!

-When the season of virus and cold starts, among the most important things to achieve is to keep your body hydrated at all times. Considering that water is the main advocate of our lymphatic system, and the one that can avoid from various infections. Depending on analyzes dehydration may create increased cortisol levels, it can cause illness or tension also.

-Your cravings will be minimized. Depending on the researches, folks who have been adopting this solution for over 3 months, have lost about 4.5 pounds, and they also consumed a glass of water before their meals. Consuming a glass of water just before meals, will make you feel full, and you will eat much less, which means you will start burning fat.

-The brain cells is 75% water, and if you are consuming water properly as much as your body requests, you are less probably to feel exhausted, have mood changes, exhaustion, because your brain is going to have the appropriate fuel reserves.

The body hydration is among the most essential fascinations our health generally, since the human body is in fact 72% water.

Basing on the researches, our body ends up being dehydrated as we grow older, so for aged people we recommend them to give their body with the quantity of water it requires, by doing this they will have the ideal mindset and their health will live in a perfect form.

Amazing effects are supplied by consuming a glass of water whenever you awake, on an empty stomach, it boosts you well-being, it enhances your health and creates beauty effects also. So even tomorrow morning give this method a try!

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