Warning: This Blood Pressure Medication Can Send You to The Hospital!


New studies suggest that one in every three Americans experience a problem with high blood pressure.

Also the studies suggest that those people who are on medications to treat this problem, may have increased risk for depression and many other mental health problems.

The reason for these results is not clear and these findings suggest new ways to treat and prevent mental health conditions.

Common prescriptions can often times lead to mental disorders

The studies suggest that prescription medications that are used to treat high blood pressure like calcium channel blockers, angiotensin antagonists and beta-blockers, can lead to mental health problems. The Washington Post reported that people that were taking calcium channel blockers and beta-blockers, were twice as likely to be hospitalized with various mood disorders as those that were taking angiotensin antagonist.

People who were taking angiotensin antagonist on the other hand, had 53% less chance to be hospitalized with mood swings, than those people who took no blood pressure medication whatsoever.

The presented findings are based on the medical records of more than 144 thousand adults with an average age of 56. 32.130 people that belonged to this group, were taking one of the four blood pressure medications. These individuals were followed in a period of over five years, and 300 of them were hospitalized with mood disorder conditions.

The lead researcher Dr. Sandosh Padmanabhan told the CNN that this meant that blood pressure medications can be repurposed for treating mental health conditions, because a lot of data suggests that there is a connection between cardiovascular diseases and depression.

This study was observational, which means that the researchers are not sure what happens on a molecular level, that leads to these results.

Dr. Padmanabham added that there may be some people that are more susceptible to depression and mood swings than others, and these drugs should not be prescribed to them. He also says that there is a way to repurpose angiotensin blockers if they indeed turn out to be protective.

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