Warm or cold water? Which one is better for your health?

Morning habits are of great importance, and the things that you consume after waking up can have a big impact on our overall health.

When we wake up, most of us reach for a cup of coffee, but this is not the ideal thing to do because having a big glass of water is always the better choice. According to studies, drinking warm water will provide many health benefits and it is the best way to start the day.

Reasons why you should drink warm water

  1. Weight loss

It is a well-known fact that water will help you lose weight. But, it turns out that drinking warm water is better. There was a study that was published in The Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine, and the focus of the study was on a group of overweight women.

These women were given a large amount of warm water and based on the results they had a significant decrease in body mass index, weight and appetite. That is why you need to start your day with a glass of warm water with some lemon juice inside. The lemon juice will boost your metabolism, which will make the process of weight loss much easier.

  1. Improve circulation

If you consume warm water every day, you will be able to improve your blood flow. Scientists say that when the human body is exposed to warm temperatures, the blood flow dramatically increases. After that, it will return to normal and it will begin to gradually elevate. To put it simply, the warm water has the ability to improve the circulation of the blood, simply by warming your body.

  1. Improves bowel movements

If you drink warm water on an empty stomach, you will be able to stimulate the colon in order to have better bowel movements. What is more, it will make your body absorb the food that you ingest, better. This is a habit that will help you remove the waste from your colon, which will prevent the buildup of toxins in the body.

  1. Helps relieve pain

Warm water helps in cases of irritated or dry throats. Warm water will help you decrease the swelling in your throat, which will lead to a temporary pain relief. What is more, warm water will soothe camps by relaxing the abdominal muscles.

Reasons why you need to avoid cold water

  • When you drink cold water, your body will spend more energy
  • Cold water will constrict your blood vessels and it will lower hydration
  • Cold water will create excess mucus in the respiratory system, which will increase the risk of congestion and throat infection
  • If you drink cold water, your body will need to work much harder in order to digest the food. The reason for that is because cold water will solidify the fats that can be found in our bloodstream


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