Vitamin B17 is banned because it helps in cancer treatment!

The scientific world has confirmed the amazing power that vitamin B17 has. This vitamin is contained in apricot kernels.

As we all well know, the American Cancer Society, the American Medical Association and Drug Administrators have tried to silence scientists, in order to stop them from holding public meetings or writing books associated with the anticancer effect of vitamin B17.

Also, various doctors were prosecuted after they have tried to save people’s lives using vitamin B17. But, the world heard the story of a woman who tried to save herself, and she did that by only using this vitamin. Vitamin B17 made her cancer go to a state of remission. After she stopped taking her therapy, the cancer came right back again.

She did not want to do chemotherapy, and opted for this vitamin yet again. After just 10 weeks, the cancer was gone. This left the doctors speechless. She was taking 500 mg. of this vitamin twice a day. The tumors were gone and she was finally cancer-free.

For more information, we suggest that you watch the video below:


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. helen

    July 25, 2017 at 4:16 am

    Around 1954, my father had cancer of His lower lip. They had burned around 3 times but the cancer hept coming back. An Asian lady gave my father a cream made from apricot pits. My father was ready to try anything. He did not know this lady, she just seen his mouth and said she had something that would cure his lip. She gave my dad the cream and he never seen this lady again. After my dad had been using the cream for awhile, his lip started to form back to normal. He told the doctor of this lady and gave him some of the cream. My father never had a problem with his lip after it being cured. I always think of this, and wonder how was this cream made and ifi it had all of the apricot pit or just that which was in the shell. Now I read this about vitamin 17 and I again think of this lady that my father was lucky to meet by chance.

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