(VIDEO) What Killed This Man, Many of Us Drink Every Day, Death Lurks in the Refrigerator

Dean Wharmby was a loving father and a professional bodybuilder from England whose story recently filled the headlines of every newspaper in the world.

Wharmby was a dedicated bodybuilder who invested a lot of time and money in the profession – he ate more than 10 000 calories per day, and tried to gain as much muscle mass as he could.

Dean ate a mix of fast food as well as fish, chicken, and eggs to meet his goals.

He also took 2 energy drinks every hour, which is far over the recommended limit. In the end, his personal goals were his doom.

Five years ago, Wharmby was diagnosed with cancer and was recommended chemotherapy. He refused it and decided to treat the disease naturally.

After some time, the tumor shrank and everyone was happy for him.

Encouraged by his progress, Dean returned to his old habits. He pushed himself to the limit again, but this time he ate a healthy diet.

However, his body couldn’t stand it – after a regular medical check-up, doctors discovered that Dean was suffering from liver cancer.

After an extensive research, the blame was put on the energy drinks. According to the doctors, these popular beverages totally destroyed Dean’s liver and body and promote the growth of cancer cells.

After a long and exhausting battle with cancer, Dean Wharmby died last year. He leaves a wife and a young daughter behind.

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