Vegan mother forced by High Court to vaccinate her children

A vegan mother refused to have her children vaccinated because she wanted them to live a “toxin free” life.

But the High Court overruled her objections and she is going to be forced to make them receive routine vaccinations.

The judge that was assigned to this case was judge Mark Rogers and he said that he is very sorry that the mother sees this decision as wrong, but he had to rule in favor of the father of the children. The little kids will be vaccinated against polio, measles, rubella, mumps, meningitis and diphtheria.

The mother said that it was her duty to make the bodies of her children as free of toxins as she could possibly make them.

Her older son had received some vaccines before, but she thinks that because of the vaccines her son suffered side effects like eczema, a persistent cough and cradle cap.

The father on the other hand, stated that the mother is obsessive, narrow minded and over-protective and that she does not believe in modern medicine. On top of that, she didn’t allow her kids to have medications that are specifically designed for kids, like Calpol.

The mother cannot be named in order to protect the anonymity of the affected children. She told the court that she knows that vaccines work in some cases, but she feels that there is definite risk for the children and their health. She also believes that there is a rare risk that her children will catch some disease because she guarantees that her children have strong immune systems.

On an ethical side she believes that there is no such thing as a vegan vaccine, and that it is not natural and acceptable for her child to be injected with something, that has been previously tested on animals or grown on animal cells.

The judge said that the mother was unable to get a doctor to support her view in front of the court, and he also said that he has concerns about the mother’s ability to look even-handedly and objectively.

In 1998 Dr. Andrew Wakefield published a study in The Lancer, and the study suggested that MMR vaccine may be linked to bowel disease and autism. This research caused media frenzy and a lot of parents decided that they will not have their children vaccinated with this vaccine.

12 years later, the General Medical Council described this research as dishonest.

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