Useful Tips to Make Your Fingernails Grow Faster and Stronger

Having healthy and strong nails is every woman’s wish.

 But, first of all, you have to break some bad habits. 

Stop wearing acrylics and gel 

Using acrylic or gel nails to remove nail polish can leave your nails dry and brittle, even if it is used properly. It also slows down the growth of nails. So, it’s better to get a traditional manicure between your gel or acrylic manicure. 

Stop picking at your chopped polish 

If you are picking at your polish, you will remove the top layer of your nail bed and damage you nails. 

Don’t skip base coats and top coats 

You probably skip base coats or top coats when you are in a hurry. But, base coats and top coats prevent yellow nails staining . Always carry pre-moistened nail polish remover packets with you to keep your nail polish from chipping. 

Don’t use your nails as tools 

Don’t use them to peel labels, scrape glue, or unfasten a key ring and other things which can damage your nails and the sensitive area around them. 

How to strengthen your nails?

Increase the intake of vitamin H (biotin)

Biotin improves the quality of your nails, hair, and skin. Consume foods which are high in biotin, like whole grains, mushrooms, bananas, salmon, and avocado. You can also consume 30-40 mg of supplements per day. Also eat foods which are a rich source of folic acid and vitamin B9, like fish, red meat, cheese, and fortified soy products. These foods protect your nerve cells and red blood cells, and promote nail growth. 

Increase the intake of vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for keeping your nails healthy. Take 700-900 mg of vitamin A per day. Sweet potatoes, carrots, and leafy greens are a rich source of vitamin A. 

Increase the intake of vitamin C 

Vitamin C boosts your immune system, heals and cleanses your body. Consume more oranges, strawberries, and kale, because they are a rich source of vitamin C. 

How to take proper care of your nails?

Starting with a proper base is the key. File them properly by starting from the outside edge. Then, file toward the center. Don’t go back and forth. Chose a basic round shape to grow out. 

Take care of your cuticles

In order to loosen your cuticles, put your nails in warm water. Leave them soak for 5 minutes. Then, put a cuticle remover on your nails. Now, use a cuticle stick to push the dead skin back. Wash the remover and debris. Do this treatment 4 times a week. Before pushing them back, apply hyaluronic acid on and around your cuticles for even better results. Then, apply moisturizer. 

  • Also, use serums to strengthen your nails.
  • Apply hand cream on your nails before bedtime and in the morning.
  • Make sure you always use strengthening nail polish. 




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