Use these natural remedies to repel mosquitoes, flies, ants and cockroaches from your home

At some point in time, every home has been visited by unwanted visitors in the form of flies, cockroaches, ants, and mosquitoes.

If you had this problem before, you know that eliminating these insects is a difficult task, and because of that, we are going to show you some natural solutions that can eliminate the bugs, and prevent them from coming back.


To prevent flies from gathering in your home, you need to thoroughly clean it. You can use pulverized mint leaves to prevent the flies from returning to your home. You can also use hot boiling water and dye powder, and then spray this mixture on the surfaces of your home to prevent the flies from gathering around.

Eucalyptus oil is yet another natural solution that is quite effective, and you need to add several drops of it on a cotton fabric, and then use this cloth to clean the areas where you have spotted the flies.


In order to eliminate cockroaches, people often times use dangerous chemicals. But there are also some natural products that will help you achieve the same thing. Remember that keeping your home clean is essential for the removal of any type of bugs, and this also applies to cockroaches.

Cucumber is one of the products that will help you get rid of cockroaches. You just need to slice a couple of slices of cucumber and then place the slices in the corners of your home, and on the spots that you have seen cockroaches.

You can also prepare a mixture of boric acid powder, sugar powder, and corn flour and then spray this mixture to repel them. Use equal amounts of all ingredients.

You can use this mixture in the places where you have noticed cockroaches, between the ceilings, the cupboard spaces and the kitchen cupboards. When the cockroaches come in contact with this mixture, they will die.


When it comes to eliminating ants, cucumber is very effective. You need to put slices of cucumber in the places where you have noticed ants, and they will be repelled by the smell of the cucumber because they don’t like it.

In order to prevent the ants from appearing again, you can use sudsy water. You can also spread mint leaves or tea bags around your home.

You can also prepare a mixture of one teaspoon of borax, a liter of water, some sugar and then soak some cotton pads in the mixture. Then take the cotton pads and apply the mixture to the places where they appear in largest numbers.


It is a well-known fact that mosquitoes reproduce in places that are messy, and where a dormant water can be found, and that is the reason why you need to remove every stale water place.

In order to repel the mosquitoes, you can also plant a marigold plant in your yard or garden. Another efficient way to remove them is by planting Thai lemongrass, and this is effective because it contains citronella, which is a natural oil.

Another very efficient natural mixture is garlic juice shower, which can repel mosquitoes for about six hours. You need to mix five parts of water and one part of garlic juice, in order to prepare it.

Neem oil is another natural mosquito repellent, which is also not toxic. You need to use it on your skin, and it will also repel other bacteria that are harmful and can attack your immune system.

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