Most of us don’t even know how food grows. We have a proof of that

Most of the foods that we are consuming today are processed, and that is one of the reasons why there are so many people that are experiencing health problems.

Not a lot of people are eating meat that is being locally produced, and there are millions that are consuming meat that is packed with preservatives and dangerous compounds. Also, none of us has an idea how the foods that are served on our table are being produced, because of the fact that we are buying it without even thinking about that.

Because of that, we will show you a list of foods that very few people grow, and not a lot of them know how weird looking these foods are.

  1. Sesame seeds


These seeds can be spotted in a line in small rows, once you cut the little pods.

  1. Pistachios


Pistachios have a different color when they are harvested. They grow on trees, and that is a fact that is unknown to a lot of people.

  1. Vanilla

Vanilla extract is made from green string vanilla beans, which are dried and then get the distinctive, well-known brown color.

  1. Almonds


The almonds are harvested from trees, and later they dry and get their darker color.

  1. Cinnamon


Cinnamon sticks actually come from a cinnamon tree, which is where these sticks are harvested from.

  1. Saffron


The saffron is made from dried and plucked stigmas, but it is harvested in a form of a flower.

  1. Cashews


Cashews are very beneficial for our overall health, and they belong to the nut family.

  1. Cocoa beans


Before the cacao is dried or processed, it grows as fresh cacao beans.

  1. Artichokes


Artichokes are ground plants, which are extremely beneficial for our health.

  1. Quinoa


When they are growing, they are very different from the white or red quinoa seeds that we know.

  1. Dates


Dates actually grow in huge clusters.

  1. Capers


The capers are growing as reddish-green pods, which are harvested and later processed.

The main question that we would like to ask you is would you be able to recognize these foods if you see them in their natural form?

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