U.S. succeeds to genetically modify human embryos for the first time ever

The popular CRISPR focuses on genome editing and they have a goal to cure cancer and to eliminate the diseases that we genetically inherit.

They have recently started to experiment on human embryos. It may sound controversial, but these trials are ongoing and according to the rumors, the embryos cannot survive the pregnancy.

Genome editing on human embryos

A Swedish team in 2016 was the first one to use this method on human embryos that are in perfect health condition. After just two weeks, the trial was canceled. What is more, there is a rumor going around that the Chinese also take part in similar experiments.

Also, the MIT Technology Review claims that and American team has also joined. According to them, we are very close to giving birth to a CRISPR baby. But, there aren’t reports that indicate that the CRISPR embryos are facing genetic problems during this procedure.

Researchers from OHSU in Portland, have managed to change the DNA of one-cell human embryos with CRISPR. This makes this technique potentially useful to be able to improve our life quality and to cure our genetic problems.

It is important to say that these embryos were destroyed before they can grow into a fetus, because if we are speaking frankly, experimenting on embryos is not so controversial as experimenting on human beings.

The controversy here is that the scientists can help the parents of the future to design their perfect baby. They will be able to even choose the color of their hair, eyes or even intelligence. Because these babies come as a result of genome editing, the embryos can be called designer babies.

This procedure should only be used for curing serious illnesses, it is evident that the people will start using it for other purposes. This is the reality and it just shows that the human nature will never change. But if history has taught us one thing, is that we will find some way to use this to our advantage.

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