Tummy types and how to get rid of them

There are numerous types of tummies, and in this article, we are going to focus on the causes of their appearance, and some ways of how we can get rid of them.

Changes in the appearance of the human body are always caused by something. The same thing goes for the appearance of certain types of tummies.

Sometimes the abdomen will increase as a result of a general increase in your body weight, and sometimes as a result of eating certain foods. In order to remove your belly fat with minimum effort, you need to determine the cause of it, and then neutralize it.
There are five types of bellies:

  • Alcohol belly – wine, beer or other alcoholic drinks can prevent our bodies from digesting the foods that we eat properly. Alcoholic drinks are also very high in calories, and to deal with this problem you need to stop drinking alcohol altogether and start ingesting more fruits and vegetables.
  • Mommy belly – after giving birth, women’s bellies still contain fat. To remove it, it is good to massage the area and exercise on a regular basis. You should also consult a doctor for this situation.
  • Stress – stress affects your sleep, and improper sleep will affect your body in negative ways, which can lead to the appearance of fat in your stomach area. You need to sleep at least 8 hours a day, and you absolutely need to avoid unhealthy foods. Also, it is important that you reduce the intake of coffee.
  • Hormonal belly – hormonal imbalance can lead to weight gain. You need to change your diet and eat foods that are healthy for your system. You also need to consult with your doctor, because he/she will give you treatment that will make your condition better.
  • Bloated belly – digestive tract problems can also be one of the main causes of fat in the stomach area. To treat it, you need to take probiotics and drink high amounts of water.

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