Try This Psychologist Test: The Door That You Are Most Afraid of Entering Reveals Your Personality


Many people are afraid to pursue their passions because they find this action risky.

Fear is an emotional response to physical and emotional danger, which is a normal thing. But, sometimes fears occupy your emotional state and keep you from achieving your dreams and purpose in life.

So, why don’t you try this interesting psychology test and face your fears for a moment? Find out something deeper about yourself by choosing one of these doors.

Abandoned door

If you choose this door, it means that you are very realistic. You overanalyze things and you make conscious decisions. Also, you want to be sure that you have tried all the options. You respect your own value and ethics is the most important thing for you. Another personality trait is that you prefer to be emotionally unavailable.


You are very afraid of anything that is beyond your comfort zone. You don’t like surprises. Your health is very important to you and you keep a healthy lifestyle. Exercising is your favorite activity.


This image is a symbol of ice. The fear of getting hurt and disappointed is your biggest obsession. This is the reason why you prefer staying alone. But, deep down you are a very romantic person who needs warmth. You take love and feelings seriously.

Wooden cabin 

Your biggest fear is the fear of going broke. You are a materialistic person and money is the most important thing to you. Also, you judge other people based on their financial status. But, remember you cannot buy love and happiness.


If you chose the tunnel, you are under an emotional stress. The worst thing is that you can’t even get out of it. You are a very intelligent person, but you allow your feelings to rule you. Sometimes, you are even a slave to your emotions and you only focus on your problems. Stop being so negative, life is full of beautiful things.

Door with chains 

The blue color of this door has a special meaning as it symbolizes the sky. You are a very hardworking person and you constantly strive for success. You are a reasonable and responsible person, but don’t overload yourself with work. You need to take some rest and relax.



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