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Top Things to Add to Your Shampoo to Make Your Hair Healthy

All of us want to have a beautiful hair, which is one of the reasons why there are so many conditioners and shampoos out there.

While it is an ongoing debate as to whether we should use these commercial products, you should also know that there are some tricks that can enhance the health of your hair, and you can also achieve better results.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains many health benefits and it has been prized for centuries. What is more is the fact that there are some remedies that are centered around the use of this oil for treating scalp problems in babies. So, what you can do is add some olive oil in your shampoo and it will improve your hair’s texture.

First you will need to add one cup of shampoo in an empty bottle. Then for the people with normal hair, two tablespoons of olive oil are recommended. For those with oily hair, you need to add one tablespoon, and for the ones with dry hair, ¼ cup of the oil will be enough. After that, just close the bottle and shake the mixture inside. You can use this combination like you would use a normal shampoo.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is one of the best natural treatments for dandruff. So, if you have dandruff problems, this is the one for you. For every two tablespoons of shampoo, you need to add half a tablespoon of lemon juice. Also, lemon juice can be substituted with lemongrass oil.


Sugar can be added to your shampoo, and it will help you clean your hair and scalp. Just can add just one spoon of sugar in your shampoo, and it will exfoliate your scalp and will give your hair a clean feel. Sugar is effective in removing residue, and it can also eliminate dead skin cells. After using this kind of shampoo, you should use conditioner.


If you decide to put honey in your shampoo, keep in mind that you should add half a tbsp. of organic honey for every two tbsp. of shampoo. The honey will moisturize the hair and give it a glossy look. Honey and lemon act in a pretty much the same way, and the ingredients that they contain, can lighten the hair naturally. You should avoid using these ingredients on a regular basis, if you do not want this effect.

You can use the ingredients that we mentioned above to improve hair volume, health and shine, and also to stop hair loss.

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