Top 10 signs of an intelligent woman


An intelligent woman receiving a compliment evaluates a man, while not a very intelligent woman judges herself by this compliment and compares whether it is true. Check yourself, are you an intelligent woman? There are 10 defining signs.

In the network, you can find a dozen articles on the topic: “125 signs by which you can determine how wise you are.” Of course, most of these articles are old, and do not contain fresh information. It is interesting that there is no mention of wisdom there.

Only about convenience. So, a wise woman is the one who is able to be a comfortable for a man. It is impossible to agree with this statement, but in response you need to know some other arguments. Here they are:

#1. You do not lie to yourself. Being true to oneself is sometimes really difficult. Lie takes away your energy. You do not waste your time on not good men and do not have illusions.

#2. You man is not the only important thing in your life. You love him, but you also love your job, family, friends and your hobby. You are self-sufficient and never suffocate your man with too much attention.

#3. You do not cling to emotions. Of course, you have them, but do not guide you in your life. You leave past in your past.

#4. You are perceptive. You see when people lie to you. You also understand when people need your help and you are glad when your close people have good news in their lives.

#5. You like to look fashionable. However, you do not buy a lot of unnecessary things just because they are trendy.

#6. You have your own frames. You have borders in all life aspects and surrounding people feel this.

#7. You know yourself well. You feel your body and try to do the best for it

#8. You are a great analyst. You can dream, but you like to set goals instead of dreaming more.

#9. You always live in the present. You do not waste your time regretting about your past.

#10. You are always a woman. You live in harmony with yourself.

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