Tips that will help you calm yourself whenever you are feeling anxious


People who experience anxiety, know that it is one of the worst feelings in the world. When it strikes, we tend to overthink everything in our life, and we are constantly thinking about the worst things that can happen.

Individuals that suffer from anxiety, are not focused on the things that are real, they get lots, and they are unable to experience happiness and joy. But, there is an easy way that can help us lower the levels of anxiety.

  1. Anxiety is a chemical

Cortisol is the chemical responsible for your bad feelings. When this chemical is triggered, the human body needs a few hours to calm down, and then you will start feeling good again. But if it gets triggered again, the bad feelings will come back. The sad part is that it is very difficult not to trigger this chemical again.

Cortisol is a hormone that will make your brain look for things that it considers threatening, but you can switch it off if and when you learn how the brain sees threats.

  1. Threats are neural pathways

The things that are making you feel bad, and have made you feel this way in the past, created a pathway in your brain. Your brain now releases cortisol every time that you experience something that is connected to that experience. These pathways are usually built before you turned 8.

  1. Self-soothing

Humans are born helpless and vulnerable, and as babies, we have needs that we cannot fulfill on our own. With the help of the people that surround us, we learn how to perform basic activities, and how to soothe ourselves when our needs are satisfied. In life, we humans tend to build self-soothing circuits over and over again.

This way we become comfortable in our routines, and doing something that is new for us can be very challenging. But, if you can establish a new behavior that can help you with your anxiety, and by repeating that behavior for 45 days, you can treat your anxiety. The results are worth it.

  1. Don’t wait for other people’s help

When we are anxious, we often times blame our surroundings. We wait for other people to make us happy and feel better, and that is not a very good habit because we can waste our life by getting nothing in return. In order to lower your anxiety levels, you need to work on yourself.

  1. Inhale deeply

Inhaling deeply is one of the simplest ways of lowering your anxiety levels. This exercise is very helpful because you turn your focus on your breathing and experience relaxation. You need to take ten deep breaths when you are feeling anxious, and you will see that you’ll feel much better.

You also need to focus on the present instead of the past, because that way you can solve the problems that worry you. You can also practice meditation, for a lasting effect.

  1. Listen to inspiring music

There are some great up-lifting songs that can help us with our anxiety. So, it is always a great idea to create a playlist of music that makes you feel good.

  1. Release it

Anxiety can give you this scary feeling that you are alone in the world, and you need to learn how to let it out. One of the most effective ways of relieving anxiety is talking to someone about the things that worry you.

Every person that you know has at some point in their lives experienced anxiety, so it is always a good idea to talk about it with some friend, relative or spouse. You will realize that you are not the only one that is experiencing those feelings, which will help you improve your mood.

  1. Write it down

If you don’t want, or you are feeling uncomfortable to share your feelings with someone, you can always write down what you are feeling. There are some people that find writing to be a much easier way to show their feelings. It is also a great way of calming your brain down, and you can also later see what you were worried about, and find out if the things that made you anxious are meaningless or not.

  1. Exercise

It is scientifically proven that people that are physically active, and exercise on a regular basis, have lower anxiety levels and depression. When you are exercising, you are essentially helping your brain to deal with the stress in a way that is completely natural. Exercising also releases endorphin, which is a hormone that is responsible for our happiness and joy.

Reducing anxiety can be an easy task, but we need to have the motivation to do it. It is also very important to remember that no one can make you feel good, but yourself.

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