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This super-healthy leaf is able to remove varicosity in veins, pain in joints, lack of memory and headaches…

Almost every one of us keeps laurel leaves in our homes. It is an aromatic tree that is used for spicing dishes all around the world.

This plant also has a positive impact on your physical health as well. It can be used to heal and treat many conditions.

The list of benefits that laurel leaf brings to the table

  • It is perfect for calming the nerves
  • It is very effective when cleansing the colon
  • It will make you easier to focus
  • It can treat varicose veins and joint pain
  • It improves the immune system

Laurel oil recipe


  • Olive oil (250ml)
  • Bay leaves (30 grams)

How to prepare it:

You will first need to grind the bay leaves and then pour the olive oil over the leaves. Then, place this mixture in a glass jar, close it and leave it in a cold and dark place for 14 days.

After two weeks, strain the mixture using a gauze and then transfer the strained oil in another container.

Health benefits of laurel oil

  • It will treat joint pain, by massaging it on the affected area
  • Effectively treats migraines and ear pains
  • You can remove your headache by rubbing it on your temples
  • It can reduce body temperature
  • It improves digestion and intestine work
  • It is perfect for hepatic issues
  • It will eliminate pimples and acne
  • You can use this oil as a lotion if you ever experience some kind of skin problems
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