This natural remedy will help you control your blood sugar and lower the risk of diabetes!

The Philippines statistically have one of the highest diabetic populations among the countries of the world.

But luckily, the Philippine doctors claim to have a homemade remedy that can treat diabetes and can instantly reduce the levels of sugar in the blood. In this article, we are going to talk about this remedy, and how to prepare it.

Most of the people have this incredible desire to eat sweets. Diabetes is actually a long-term condition that increases the levels of blood sugar. The symptoms of diabetes are intense hunger and thirst, fatigue, cuts, unexpected weight loss, frequent urination, bruises and cuts that do not heal in time, tingling sensation in the feet and in the hands and male sexual dysfunction. Some of the worst diabetes cases can lead to leg or foot amputation.

Dr. Jamie Dy-Liacco is a metabolic specialist, and he claims that this remedy is very efficient, and in order to prepare it you are not going to need expensive and hard-to-find ingredients. On the contrary, the ingredients that are needed are right in your kitchen. He also states that the main cause of diabetes is not increased levels of sugar, but the absence of six essential minerals that the human body needs.

The recipe


  • 12 chili peppers
  • Two eggs
  • Half teaspoon of marine salt

You need to thoroughly mince the pepper. Then, break the eggs and combine them with the minced chili peppers. Then, add half a teaspoon of marine salt and mix all the ingredients together.

You need to drink this mixture every day, and just a few days later your blood sugar levels will be back to normal. This natural remedy will also give your body all the nutrients and minerals that it needs.

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