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This colon cleansing remedy is very efficient, and you will need just 2 ingredients

Not a lot of people know that around 100 tons of food and 40.000 liters of fluids pass through the intestines of an average person in 70-year period. 10 pounds of toxic waste and fecal matter get stuck in our digestive tract.

These toxins can enter our bloodstream and can cause damage to our organs.

This can be easily prevented by a simple body detoxification, which will remove fecal deposits and mucus buildups from the intestinal tract.

The buildup of waste material can lead to diabetes, poor metabolism, brittle nail and hair, cancer, arthritis, problems with the vision or hearing, kidney and liver disease and more.

Edema can cleanse only the first part of the colon, and these are expensive treatments. Furthermore, various researches have shown that edema treatments can cause damage to your intestinal lining.

Flaxseed flour can be a solution for this problem, because it will cleanse the intestinal tract, while leaving the microflora intact. This treatment will regulate the levels of cholesterol, your metabolism and it will also promote weight loss.

If you decide to cleanse your colon, you will be able to treat problems like duodenum, inflammation of the respiratory tract, infections, pyelonephritis, infections of the urinary tract and stomach ulcer.

How to do it?

You need to eat this mixture, instead of your breakfast for three weeks:

  • Week 1 – one tbsp. of flaxseed flour, plus 100 ml. kefir
  • Week 2 – two tbsp. of flaxseed flour, plus 100 ml. kefir
  • Week 3 – three tbsp. of flaxseed flour, plus 150 ml. kefir

Do not forget to drink proper amount of water, and remember to always use freshly ground flaxseeds.

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