Things you should and should not do when an insect goes into your ear

It is very disgusting to even think about a situation where an insect might stuck inside of your ear, but it is very good for you to know what to do in case this situation ever happens.

Adults can easily know if there is some kind of foreign object in their ear, because the ear canal is very sensitive. Children on the other hand, cannot tell. Kids from nine months old to 9 years old experience these kinds of problems because they are still learning new things about their bodies.

According to Medicine Net, children are prone to placing small toys, cotton swabs, beads and beans in their ears.

An insect can also get stuck inside of your ear if you are camping outdoors, and this is a painful experience because the insect will buzz and move inside.

What should you do?

In a situation like this it is best to pour baby oil, olive oil or mineral oil in your ear. That will pull out the insect and it will suffocate it. You must remember that the oil should be warm but never hot, and the people who have perforated ear canals should not do this. Also, this method should be used for insects only, and not for objects.

Another way to pull insects out, is with the help of alcohol. Pour some alcohol on a cotton ball and then squeeze couple of drops from the cotton in your ear. The alcohol has a strong smell, which will force the insect to come out.

This is a painful method and you can experience stinging. You can also use warm water and bulb syringe. This method should only be used in people with perfectly healthy eardrums.

Things that you shouldn’t do

It is of vital importance that you do not use tools like match sticks to try and pull out the insect. It will only make thigs worse, because the insect will just go deeper inside. That way it can cause damage to your eardrum and middle ear.

Another thing that you should not do is to try and put your fingers inside, because it may scare the insect and cause it to sting. In some cases, even if you can pull out the insect with your fingers, the remaining parts of the insect that got left behind in your ear during the extraction procedure, can cause damage to your eardrum.

The bottom line is, that you should always know the risks that are involved with you trying to take out the insect on your own. If you don’t know this things, you should always consult with your doctor first.

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