These parents waited 13 years before bringing their daughter to the doctor. What they learned their will traumatize you

Sari Rezita was born on October 16th 1993, to a family of poor fishermen in rural Indonesia. Her parents were very happy when their second daughter was born.

They made up for the lack of wealth and material things, with love. Sari was always surrounded by very happy people and enjoyed a very happy home.

You can find out more about her story in the following video:

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Everything was wonderful in the first couple of months after her birth. Her sister could not stop hugging her, and the parents were very proud of their daughter. But as the time passed by, they began noticing that something was wrong with her.

Suryani (the mother) says that she could not walk or talk at the age of two. The parents were concerned, but they kept in mind that all the children develop at different rates. So, they decided to wait and see what will happen. They are very poor, and the trip to the doctor in the big city would cost a lot of money.

After some years, it was evident that the child’s development was not normal. She was still a very loving and happy little girl, but something was just off.

At that point of time, she was already the second of five children, and she loved playing with her sisters and brothers.

It was obvious for everybody that she stopped growing around the age of three. At last, 13 years after she was born, her parents acknowledged that she needed to see a doctor. She was already a teenager, but looked like a toddler.

The doctor told the parents that their girl was healthy, with her liver and heart operating at full capacity. But he also told them that she had a slow growth. The parents did not understand how could this happen, because none of their relatives nor any of their children, apart from Sari, had this condition.

Sari needed lots of help, but her family and especially her big sister stepped up and helped greatly. Sari is now a 24-year-old girl and nothing has changed. She lives in the body of a 3-year-old, only 34 inches high and she weighs 44 pounds, and she still cannot speak properly.

The parents recently took their daughter to Dr. Suriadi Umar. In his career, he has already seen three cases that are similar to Sari’s and they were hoping that he can explain what is this condition that she experiences.

The doctor believes that she is suffering from Turner syndrome. Turner syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality that is extremely rare. A total of 1200 cases of this syndrome have been reported worldwide. Sari matches the symptoms perfectly – limited mental development, short rib cage and neck and early arrested growth.

There is no cure for this syndrome, but according to Dr. Umar it can be treated to a certain extent if diagnosed early.

Sari needs to be treated by specialists that will work with her intensively, every day, in order to develop methods for dealing with her case. This will remain nothing but a dream unfortunately, due to the lack of financial power.

The parents remain positive and insist that if Sari receives a good care and the proper therapy, they hope that their daughter will be able to walk one day. She is extremely lucky to be surrounded by a supportive and loving family, because that means that she is having a happy life, despite of her condition. We cannot help but wonder, what would her life be like, if only her parents had had access to a proper and affordable medical care when she was still a baby.

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