These 6 Exercises Can Easily Relieve Your Foot, Hip And Knee Pain


About a quarter of the American population suffers pain in the hips, feet, or knees. The hips and knees are the largest body joints, and along with the feet, they support our entire body weight and need to be coordinated in order to provide our mobility.

Pain in these areas can be treated with painkillers, minor surgeries, exercises, or a combination of these.  Fortunately, regular exercise is one of the most beneficial methods to soothe the pain and the accompanying symptoms.

Here are several highly effective exercises to relieve the pain in the knees, hips, and feet:

  1. Heel Raises

Stand behind a chair, grab it and raise one leg by simply bending the knee. Then, raise the leg on the toes, and again bring the heel down. Make 1- repetitions with each leg. This will strengthen the ankle and knee muscles.

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  1. Toe Walking

All you have to do is to walk around on the toes for about 15 minutes daily, to strengthen the feet balls, toes, and calves.

  1. Walking on Tennis Balls

Sit on a chair, and place the foot over a tennis ball, and gently press on it. Move it from the beginning to the end of the foot for 10 minutes, and switch the foot.

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  1. Toe Games

Stand tall, and curl the toes in an attempt to grab a towel on the floor. Repeat with both legs.

  1. Resistance Band

Fix a resistance band on the leg of the couch or a chair, put one leg under it, and bend that knee slightly. Grab the band with the toes, and pull it towards you. Then, return to the initial position, and make 15 repetitions with each leg, to strengthen the claves and the outer thigh muscles.

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  1. Ankle Circles

Lift one foot up in the air, and do circles with it, outwards and inwards, for 10 minutes, and repeat with the other leg.

Here are some highly useful tips to help you treat pain in the knees, feet, and hips:

  • Make sure you maintain a healthy body posture, with the head tall, the shoulders back, the chest open, and the pelvis tucked
  • Avoid standing or sitting in the same position for long, and change the position frequently
  • Sleep on the side, with a pillow between the knees, and another contoured cervical one to keep the neck aligned with the spine
  • Try foot baths, foot rollers, and compression sleeves to relieve the pain in the feet
  • Practice stretching exercises daily

source: naturalcuresworld


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