The Way You Hold Your Fist Can Reveal Your Personality Traits

Your gestures, movements, and facial expressions are part of your body language.

Hand gestures, in particular, can reveal a lot about your personality. To be more precise, the way you clench your fist can indicate what kind of a person you are, your relationship with people that surround you, and what opinion other people have about you.

Have a look at the pictures below and compare and contrast the characteristics which reveal about you.

You hold all the fingers above the thumb 

  • What other people think about you:

Others think that you are very intelligent, enthusiastic, and creative. Also, they perceive you as a shrewd and reasonable person and a good advice giver.

  • Your real character

You care about other people and you are a highly empathetic and honest person. Additionally, you expect other people to be loyal to you.

  • In love

You are compassionate towards your partner and you would never be capable of hurting him. Also, you are very thoughtful and you are always looking for a way to avoid conflicts and arguments.

You hold your thumb over your fingers 


  • What other people think about you:

People around you perceive you as a charming, likable, and friendly person. They admire your talent and enjoy your company. One of your most obvious characteristics is self-confidence.

  • Your real character

You dislike taking risks. You prefer staying in your comfort zone.

  • In love

You can’t forgive people easily. Reminiscing your past often times makes you a fragile person, so you don’t trust people easily.

You hold your thumb up to index 



  • What others think about you

You are a very positive and optimistic person with a good sense of humor. People around you love spending time with you because you have a good heart. They respect your generosity.

  • Your real character

You are very gentle, but sometimes you can be very impatient and make rash decisions. You are afraid that people can take advantage of your kindness.

  • In love

You are very reserved and introverted when it comes to love. You are a dreamer and you believe that if you pursue your dreams you will find the right person for you.






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