The symbolism behind the appearance of crows


In many cultures across the world, crows are the image of magic, intrigue, mystery, and death. They have earned a place in fiction as generally negative elements, but traditionally they have a more varied and dynamic presence.

Crows are socially developed creatures, which have complex methods of conversing with each other. When you couple this with their highly developed memory, you get a behavior unlike any other family of birds.


In all cultures in the world, crows are harbingers of change. They represent the powerful and deeper elements of nature. They are present when there are life and death. They are born survivors, and they are not subject to the same whims as other birds are. If they chose to go somewhere, is not because of survival, but because of the fact that they want to.

Clairvoyance or magic

Crows are often times linked with unseen powers and magic. People believe that if a crow appears in your dreams than there are some elements of truth in it.

They also believe that some kind of a spirit or a higher power is trying to talk to you. You will need to remember the message well because according to some, crows only appear in times of dire need.


Perhaps the most well-known association with the crow is death. According to folklore, there are many cultures that believe that crows have the ability to guide the souls of recently deceased ones, showing them the way forward. You can see crows stalking graveyards all over the world, and they have been often times seen gathering things around the battlefields, in times of war.

Some people also believe that crows can appear after some person dies, and they can deliver a message from the departed. The appearance of crows, however, does not always mean a recent death, because it can mean that death has been lurking around the corner, but has decided to move on.

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