The Man That Overcame Diabetes Without Medicine! Here Is His Story

Believe it or not, a man managed to beat diabetes naturally.

He was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure in 2011 and he had to take insulin and high blood pressure pills to treat his disease. But, he decided to cure diabetes without taking any medications or undergoing any treatments. He started consuming raw vegetables and fruits and he immediately felt better.

To be specific, he was constantly feeling thirsty and he decided to visit his doctor to check his condition. The medical test results showed that that his blood sugar levels were increased up to 29.0 mmol/L. Moreover, the doctor told him that his pancreas does not function properly. That was the reason why the insulin therapy was inevitable.

Having no other choice, the man started the insulin therapy every day. He was also physically active, but his condition was only getting worse. His triglyceride levels were 16 and had hypertension. The medications brought him more harm than good.

So, on New Year’s Eve in 2013 he decided to change his lifestyle, after watching an episode of the show ”The Edge of Science.” The guest on the show, Dr. John Zirdum, shared his experience that he only consumed raw foods for 12 years and significantly improved his health. This was the moment when the man diagnosed with diabetes decided to make crucial changes and turn his life around.

The first week was pretty challenging, but he was determined to continue. After a while, he managed to lower his blood sugar levels to 5.0 mmol/L. He stopped taking insulin! However, he continued doing the regular check-ups just in case. He began losing weight and his condition was significantly improved. After 3 months, his blood pressure was regulated and the triglycerides levels were reduced to 1.4. During this period, he didn’t use any medications.

He experimented with different recipes of healthy juices and smoothies and he presents you his favorite one:


  • 2 bananas
  • 5 kiwis
  • 2 apples
  • A handful of kale
  • 1/2 l of water


Add all these ingredients to a blender. Blend them well.

When to consume it?

Drink half a liter of this refreshing juice on an empty stomach every morning. Drink the rest of it during the day.

When you feel hungry, have some fruit, fruit salad or a tuna salad. These foods will control your appetite.

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