The importance of having a partner with a good sense of humor

The fact that humor prolongs life and is one of the most important means of communication between people is not a secret for anyone. Scientists from the University of California found out that a sense of humor plays a crucial role in the relationship between a man and a woman.

People who live with a positive attitude are less likely to quarrel, but even if this happens in their family, thanks to a sense of humor of at least one member of the family, spouses quickly forget about everything bad.

People who have a good sense of humor do not feel sad or panic even at the most difficult moments in their lives. If a person can not do something, he will always treat his own problem with humor and find something to say.

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In any family there can be positive and merry moments, the main thing is to notice them in time

A funny situation can happen anywhere, even in your own apartment. Humor unites people and gives a lot of positive emotions.

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By the way, a person receives much more positive emotions than even from tasty food

Talent for drawing, literature and music, as well as a good sense of humor indirectly indicate the presence of a good intelligence in all people.

They attract the opposite sex, because it is precisely these intelligence indicators that are difficult to simulate. Women always call intelligence among the most important qualities in their partner, so it is not surprising that jokers are popular for ladies.

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However, scientists have revealed sexual differences in understanding the attractiveness of humor. So, most women like when a man can make them laugh, while men prefer women who laugh at their jokes and are able to appreciate their sense of humor.

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Moreover, the study showed that participants with a good sense of humor lead a more active sex life. It is unlikely that a morose person makes a good impression, but a smiling one can also charge others with positive. It is not necessary to take life too seriously, life becomes simply boring in this case.

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