The bodies of a Swiss couple that went missing 75 years ago, were found perfectly preserved in ice!

According to the Swiss media the bodies of a Swiss couple that went missing 75 years ago in the Alps, have been found perfectly preserved in a receding glacier, which ends decades of uncertainty for their 7 children.

They have found the bodies lying near each other in the Diablerets massif, in the southern part of Switzerland, along with a bottle, their backpacks, a book and a watch.

Bernard Tschannen, the head of the Glacier 3000 ski resort, confirmed to Le Matin that the bodies were indeed found. He says that the bodies of a male and a female that were wearing clothes from the Second World War, were found in the glacier and that the ice has preserved them in a near-perfect condition. Their belongings were also intact.

Bernard Tschannen also told the paper that it is likely that the couple had fallen into a crevasse. In order to definitively confirm their identities, a DNA search has been planned, but the paper quoted Marceline Dumoulin, and she said that she genuinely believes that the remains were of her parents. They went missing on August 15, 1942.

When the couple went missing, the people along with the authorities carried searches for more than 60 days, but they didn’t have the luck of locating the couple. Marceline Dumoulin was four years old when her parents disappeared, and she says that she believed that they would never be able to give them a proper funeral.

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