Teen invents bra that can save millions after mom nearly dies of breast cancer


Julian Rois Cantu’s (13) mother was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, and the family did not take it lightly.

She had previously struggled with this disease, but she had a double vasectomy. Julian says that the diagnosis came too late and as a result, his mother had lost both of her breast and almost lost her life.

This was an event that served young Julian as an inspiration, to try and come up with a solution in order to help women who are struggling with this deadly disease.

This disease changes the body subtly, and those changes are always the hardest ones to notice. This leads to the late detection of the disease, which can have fatal consequences.

Julian now has 18 years, and he invented the bra called “auto exploration bra”. It is a bra that has more than 200 sensors that can quickly detect early signs of breast cancer, and it is a solution that can help millions of women.

This bra should be worn 60 minutes per week, and in that period of time, the sensors gather important information like color, texture, temperature, blood flow and map the surface of the breast.

This information is then transferred to a computer with the help of Bluetooth, and the wearer can read the results and spot if there are any unusual changes.

When he was 17, Julian started a company called Higia Technologies, and the aim of his company is to improve overall health and to prevent breast cancer, using this ingenious piece of technology.

This invention recently received the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards.



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