Million-Dollar Habits of Incredibly Successful People

To be successful, you need more than just motivation. You need to be passionate in what you do and do what you are passionate about. You need good habits to cement your path to success. Oprah, Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, Tim Ferris to name a few have habits that you can imitate to achieve your goals.

1. Read

One of the secrets of highly successful people is that they read A LOT – despite their tight schedules. Reading can help you learn about other people’s mistakes and other’s successes. Use everything you learn to your advantage.

2. Write

Successful people not just read; they also write – most especially their to-do lists. As a tip, write your to-do’s each night before you go to bed. This helps you prepare for the next day, making it easy to prioritize those in the list.

3. Organize

Your to-do list is ready, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to your plans alone. It helps if you organize your activities into two journals: one for planning and everything related to work and the other for your goals and ideas.

4. Measure

With your goals set, it’s time to measure everything. For instance, if you have a sales page, use tools that will help you gauge its success. Note though that it’s not just about the money you gain, but also your happiness.

5. Network

Successful people believe that their network specifies how much they are really worth. Take time to get to know more people, socialize with them, and as much as possible be present at social events. Do not burn bridges; instead, build new ones that will help you connect with at least one new person every day.

6. Exercise

Just because you want to make money does not mean you have to neglect yourself, your health, and your physical appearance. You should still be able to incorporate a healthy diet and exercise to your daily habits. Exercising and living a healthy lifestyle will keep you fit, but the benefits extend more than this. If you are healthy, your brain is also healthy, allowing you to make sound decisions and minimize your mistakes.

7. Prioritize

Being successful is not about the money; it is actually about the people around you. Look at the top achievers today and you will notice they put their family first. They are the people who inspire you and motivate you to have a greater purpose, which is the real meaning of success.

Finally, you have to “work.” Use the “force” if you are not feeling like working – meaning force yourself to get out of bed and work harder than your competition.

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