Stop Using Cotton Buds Immediately: Doctor Discovered the Most Effective Way For Cleaning Your Ears


The majority of people use cotton buds to clean the ears from wax and dirt. But, it seems that this is not the best way for cleaning your ears. In the opinion of medical experts, using the cotton buds might cause serious health issues. The first problems which might occur are inflammation or obstruction.

Dr. David Gill, an experienced pediatrician, stated that you should not remove ear wax by force, but try a different technique instead.

He adds that the ingredients you will need are already in your kitchen.

The instructions he gives are the following:

Start with soaking a piece of cotton in some oil and put it into the ear in order to soften the earwax. Then, shake your head to move the earwax in the direction of the outer canal. Now, wait for 3 minutes, and drop several drops of the oil into the ear.

In case this technique doesn’t help you, then make a mixture of medicinal alcohol and vinegar in equal amounts. Use this liquid to was your ears.

Choose the method that best suits you, but one thing is for sure: Stop using cotton buds to avoid any unwanted effects.

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