The statistics of divorce: 15 weird signs that predict marriage failure

Any relationship risks to end one day, and therefore it requires care and attention. Sometimes in family life there comes a time when one of the spouses or both immediately realize that this can not continue. All relationships require constant work, so it is important to think about and to discuss with each other to part or to keep marriage.

There are no ideal families – this is a fact. To maintain a good relationship, to respect each other and to live in mutual understanding, it is necessary to communicate with your soul mate, to support each other and not to ignore problems.

In fact, so many families could be saved from divorce, if they had time to recognize its signs. Today we offer you to look at the statistics of divorce: 15 weird signs that predict marriage failure. We think you should know all risks in advance:

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#1. The bride had pre-wedding jitters

Statistics show that if the future wife has many doubts, the risk that such a couple will divorce doubled.

#2. The couple got married young — or after age 32

Each age category has its own pitfalls.

#3. A family has two daughters

You can change the statistics, just give the birth to another baby, it may be a boy.

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#4. Divorce runs in the family, so to speak

If your parents divorced, then you have a 40% risk to do the same.

#5. A challenging child challenges a marriage

Parents of children with ADHD diagnosis are more likely to divorce.

#6. Debt

Money problems are the obvious cause of stress.

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#7. The groom frowned in his childhood snapshots

When a little pessimist grows up, it will not be easy to get along with him.

#8. One partner smokes — but the other doesn’t

Differences in the system of values and the way of life is a serious test for marriage.

#9. The family’s first child was born less than 8 months after the wedding

When you are forced to hastily organize a ceremony, while the baby is not too noticeable – this is not the best beginning of family life. The couple shacked up before marriage.

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#10. One partner is a nurse

Probably, because they have close communication with people at work.

#11. You live in Nevada

Or Maine. Nevada is the state number one for divorces.

#12. The wife makes more money than the husband

The smallest percentage of divorces is in those families where the wife earns less or does not work at all.

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#13. Or she’s older than him

People can have differences in the value system or disagreements in family planning issues.

#14. Someone thinks they’re always right

Constant criticism and disrespect are the right way to divorce.

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