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What she spreads on her skin, everyone has at home – but nobody uses it!


There are not many people that actually don’t like coffee. Statistics show that it is the second most popular drink on the planet, right after water.

Most of us drink more than one cup every day, and after that we throw away the coffee that is left at the bottom of the mug. The coffee that is left can also be used and in today’s article we are going to talk about a number of different ways that it can be used for.

  • Remedy for cellulite – If you are using products against cellulite, you surely noticed that almost all of those products contain caffeine. You can use coffee grounds with some oil as a cheap alternative for the expensive anti-cellulite creams.
  • Soap – coffee can be used as an alternative to soap. It can firm our skin, while offering a peeling-effect.
  • Hair – coffee grounds contain nutrients that are very beneficial for our hair. They will make the hair look radiant and energetic. It is important to note that this however, is only true for dark hair types.
  • Against the bags under your eyes – coffee can be used for the removal of the bags under your eyes, and it will effectively help you against the exhausted look on your face. Mix coffee grounds with little olive oil and apply the mixture on the affected area.
  • In the fridge – you can neutralize the odor in your fridge with a cup with coffee grounds inside it. You will soon notice that the smell will disappear.
  • Grill rust – we all hate smelly and sticky barbeque grills. To get rid of that, just put coffee grounds on a sponge, and then rub the grill with it. After you are done, rinse it with hot water.
  • Abrasive – coffee grounds can be used for the cleaning of pans, surfaces and pots.
  • Helps against ants – because it has a strong smell, they repel the ants from your home.
  • Helps against fleas – if your pet has fleas, you can use coffee grounds to massage your pet. After a while it will solve the problem that your pet has with fleas, and it will leave a nice smell.
  • Helps against wasps – you can put coffee in a fire proof jar and light the coffee using a match. This will dispel all the wasps in a matter of seconds, because they are sensitive to the smell of coffee grounds.
  • Helps against snails – snails absolutely hate coffee. You can protect your plants from snails, just by spreading coffee grounds on the soil.
  • Fertilizer – coffee grounds are also extremely good fertilizers. It contains nutrients, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, which stimulate the growth of the plants.
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