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Six Chia seed side effects you were probably not aware of!

Chia is a plant that has been used by the Aztecs, and it enjoys it second debut in the present day. It is packed with fiber, proteins, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids.

The people are using it for weight loss as it is a great source of nutrition, but very few of them know that it also has side effects.

Six side effects of chia seeds

  1. It can lead to constipation and diarrhea

According to the American Dietic Association, the daily intake for man needs to be around 38g, and 25g for women. Chia seeds contain lots of fiber, and because of that you need to be careful not to overeat it.

It can lead to flatulence, diarrhea and constipation. Your body needs to digest these seeds properly and the only way to do that is if you soak them in water before eating them.


Add one tbsp. of these seeds in a cup of water and then let it stay there overnight. The next morning you can add them to your smoothie, or grind them.

  1. Chia seeds can make you choke

Chia seeds have a bad reputation for making people choke. If you do not soak them before eating them, you can gag or choke on them.

When chia seeds are unroasted or dry, they can absorb 27 times more water than their actual weight! It will just grow larger and it can get stuck in your esophagus. So, it is of vital importance to soak them before eating them.

  1. They can prevent the blood from clotting

These seeds can act as blood thinners, because of their omega 3 contents, and they can prevent the blood from clotting.

Please remember that if you are using medications for blood-thinning, or a major surgery has been performed on you, you need to stay away from these seeds.

  1. Chia seeds can actually worsen your diverticulitis

The people that are suffering from diverticulitis are actually suffering from small pockets along the lining of their large intestine. When it becomes inflamed, it will push out through the colon wall which will result in bloating, diarrhea and severe pain.

The cure for this condition is diet that is high on fibers, these seeds inflame the diverticula, despite of the fact that they contain large amounts of fiber.

  1. Can cause allergic reaction

100 mg of chia seeds contain around 16.5 mg of protein. This is bad news if you are actually allergic to the protein that these seeds contain. You should also avoid chia if you are allergic to nuts.

The symptoms of this allergy are vomiting or diarrhea. If you experience wheezing, repetitive cough and difficulties while swallowing, it can mean that you are allergic to chia. In some cases, people even have difficulties when breathing.

Please contact your physician in case of allergy caused by chia seeds.

  1. It can trigger prostate tumors

This is often a topic where numerous researchers have different opinions about. Some of them say that chia seeds can lower the growth of prostate tumor, and other say that it causes opposite effect.

According to one study that was conducted in 2010, concluded that the omega 3 fats caused the prostate tumor to shrink and it also lowered the risk of appearing in the first place.

But a study that was conducted in 2013, reported that foods that contain lots of omega 3 fats, could actually lead to the formation of this type of tumor.

How much and how often is it safe to consume chia seeds?

The nutritionists are recommending these seeds because of their high fiber contents. But, because most of the studies show different results, we cannot recommend it to people that have conditions like low blood pressure, high triglycerides or in pregnant women.

Usually it is best to take one to one and a half tablespoons of chia seeds, twice every day.


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