Sign of the End? NBC Report Says Microchipping Children Will Become ”Normal”

NBC News has presented the idea of microchips for humans as something normal.

It is believed that Americans will accept the idea of microchipping children because it’s safe and it functions as a means of their protection.

Steffany Rodroguez – Neely speaks about the moment how scared she was when she almost lost her daughter in a department store. Therefore, she explains that there is nothing a parent wouldn’t do for his child in situations like this one. Steffany would allow children micro-chipping because she understands it as an extra measure for protecting your kids.

But, members of the Local Tampa Bay Moms Group wouldn’t like to do the same thing. They find this measure too extreme and unsafe. After all, you’re putting a battery in your kid. Also, the members of this group added that this microchipping certainly has potential side effects. Definitely, technology has gone too far and we might be putting our children’s lives in danger.

But, Rodroguez-Nelly is sure that if these small chips can prevent a tragedy, then many parents would share her opinion.

However, we shouldn’t forget about the fact that tracking devices are already being used. These devices don’t need to be inserted into the body. Watches, cell phones, and other devices already serve the same purpose.

Normalizing the idea of microchips is already an on-going process. Stuart Lipoff, an expert in electronics, says that microchipping children is going to happen sooner or later. So, the question is not whether there will be children microchipping, but when.

People should know that testing has already been started and its properties are being utilized.

Lipoff gives a further explanation that parents shouldn’t be afraid, as this microchipping is just an upgrade on barcodes on consumer items. The revolutionary idea of barcodes first came out in the late 1960s, but people didn’t understand the whole concept of this innovation back then. Today, it is a common thing and we don’t even notice it. A microchip has a similar function and he even compares this microchipping with the traditional cattle branding.

But, who will have access to the data is yet to be found out. It’s only a matter of time when microchipping will become mandatory for everyone.




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