Should You Keep Eggs In the Refrigerator?

Eggs are a rich source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. 

There are many ways to cook eggs, so no wonder that they are the most favorite breakfast choice among many people in the world. We will all agree that this meal is delicious and nutritious at the same time. Bantam, quail, duck, and goose eggs vary in size and flavor and are commonly used. 

Many people buy large amounts of eggs so they store them in the refrigerator. But, there are two theories related to what’s the right way of keeping the eggs. The first theory is that if people don’t keep the eggs in the fridge, they can get infected by the bacteria salmonela. In The Journal of Food Protection, was stated that in vitro insertion of salmonella into eggs is less successful with cold eggs compared to non-cold eggs.

However, the National Public Radio asserts that eggs should never be stored in the fridge. They explain that there are numerous measures of protection in the United States when it comes to salmonella, such as inspections, washing, and tracking of the eggs from the supplier and transportation to the stores. In Europe, the majority of chickens are to be vaccinated against salmonella. 

According to the FDA, vaccines are an efficient component of a Salmonella enteritidis prevention program. The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service state that you shouldn’t keep the eggs at a room temperature for more than two hours. They add that you cannot know whether the egg shell is pathogen-free or not. 

The worst thing is that these bacteria which can cause food poisoning, don’t affect the taste, the smell, or the appearance of the food. So, it’s impossible to know whether a chicken is infected with salmonella and we cannot exclude the possibility that the eggs from a grocery store, a farmer’s market, or the backyard contain salmonella. 

To conclude, customers have the last word and it’s up to them to decide. You should always be careful when choosing foods to consume in order to prevent certain health complications.  


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