Shocking facts about white flour you must know

We are led to believe that the white flour is the most harmless and usual addition to our diet. But most of the people are not even aware of what they are consuming.

The Federal District Court of Missouri stated in 1910 that bleached white flower should not be consumed, because it is not healthy.

The first chief of the FDA H.W. Wiley however, said that the enforcement of this law was terminated because of the political influence that the flour miller had, and that the FDA hasn’t noticed any signs of violation since.

How is white flour made?

The white flour is made from wheat, and that would not be a problem if the wheat was not treated with pesticides, fungicides and insecticides.

Unknown facts about white flour

  1. It contains a compound that can cause diabetes

The main reason the bread looks fresh and clean is because it contains alloxan. According to some studies, alloxan can destroy the beta cells that are located in the pancreas.

The Food and Drug Administration and the FDA are aware that this compound is bad for the body, they still allow this powerful toxin to be used during the manufacturing process.

The only antidote to this toxin is vitamin E, and this vitamin can effectively reverse the effects of alloxan.

  1. White flour is a natural insecticide

Any insect that eats white flour will die. It is the main reason why it is called natural insecticide.

  1. White flour contains L-cysteine

The manufacturers add L-cysteine, in order to speed up the industrial process of the flour. L-cysteine is a non-essential amino acid.

It can be found in pasta, cookies, pastries, pizza doughs and buns.

How is L-cysteine made?

The process of creating L-cysteine is rather disgusting, because the amino acid is synthesized in a lab, but usually, people use much cheaper alternatives. The cheaper production methods include duck feathers and human hair.

Other sources of L-cysteine are cow horns, chicken feathers and petroleum byproducts. Also, most of it comes from China, where the regulation laws are very poor.

  1. Bleached flour contains no nutrients

Before the production of the flour starts, the manufacturers remove the seed, the germ and the brain of the wheat. Those layers contain 75% of the vitamins and minerals

Also, 70% of the phosphorus, 50% of the calcium and 97% of the dietary fibers are all removed.

  1. Added potassium bromate

When all the nutrients are removed, then the flour is aged with the help of chlorine dioxide and then it is bleached. Then, ammonium carbonate and chalk are added, in order to be more white and consumer-friendly.

Sorbitan mono-sature is added in the final stage of the process of manufacturing the white flour, which is an anti-salting agent. Potassium bromate is also added.

What potassium bromate actually is, is an effective oxidizer that can cause damage to the cells. It is considered to be a 2B carcinogen by the International Agency for Research of Cancer (IARC). This means that it is potentially dangerous for humans.

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