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She drank warm water with lemon and honey for a year and then experienced some great results

Crystal Davis told a story that went viral overnight. She amazed the world with it and now she reveals her secret for a happy and healthy life.

She was looking for some way to boost her health and she added a routine to her everyday life. She drinks a glass of warm lemon water and honey every morning.

She says that she decided to drink this drink when she had the flu, and because it was so tasty and good, she later decided to drink it for 12 months, every morning on an empty stomach. Twelve months later, she hadn’t had any cold, stomach flu or any other disease.

She was amazed by this natural drink, and she started taking it everywhere. She did not feel the need to drink coffee in the mornings, she had more energy and she was feeling happier.

She says that in order to prepare this drink, she uses half a fresh lemon and one teaspoon of organic honey. The first thing that she does, is that she boils the water and she leaves it to cool down. This will give time for the honey to dissolve. After that, she just pours the lemon juice and the drink is ready for drinking.

Warm lemon water and the benefits of it

  1. Improved digestion

The honey can destroy bacteria, fight infections and can act as an antibacterial agent. It can be used as a stimulant for the function of the stomach, to eliminate waste and toxins from your body. Lemons encourage the production of bile, which means that the absorption of nutrients is now much easier.

  1. Great treatment for infections

Lemon water can treat many issues. It can enhance digestion, prevent digestive issues and improve the function of the colon. It is also very good detoxifying agent and an excellent diuretic.

  1. Healthy skin complexion

Lemon water can promote the formation of the red blood cells and it can also purify the blood. It will give a healthy shine to your skin and it can stimulate the production of collagen.

You should drink lemon water every day, and after you give it a try, your body will be grateful.

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