The secret to relieving back pain is in your feet! Do these 5 exercises for just 15 minutes!

Many of us are not even aware, but our feet are very important. They are the most exposed part of our body, simply because they are responsible for every move that we make.

By taking proper care of our feet, we can prevent knee, back and hip pain. Today we are going to show you five exercises that will help you alleviate the pain.

The ancient Chinese have been practicing acupressure for 5,000 years. It puts pressure on some points on your body in order to relieve you from the stress and back pain, and to stimulate the proper function of different organs.

Toe presses

The first thing you need to do is to warm up the muscles in your legs, before starting with the exercise. Bend your knees slightly while standing. Then use your toes to grip the floor and stay in that position for 3 seconds. You will need to repeat this exercise in ten sets 3 times a day.

Toe walking

This is a great exercise if you want to strengthen the muscles around the balls of your feet, your ligaments and toe muscles. To perform this exercise, stand on the tip of your toes and walk for twenty seconds. Rest for 15 seconds and do it all over again. Do this in five sets, at least twice a day.

Ankle circles

If the body is overloaded, it can lead to restricted and tight ankles, which in turn will later result in joint and muscle pain.

To resolve this kind of problem, you will need to lie on your back and then extend your left leg overhead. Then, rotate the ankle of the leg that is extended clockwise and count to ten. Then, switch legs and repeat the whole process with your other leg.

Resisted flexion

The target area of this exercise are the small foot muscles. They play a very important role in maintaining the proper balance in your body.

Sit on the floor and straighten your feet in front of your body. Wrap and exercise band around your bedpost and then place the band on your feet. Lean backwards so you can put pressure on the band and tighten it. Then, bend the food backwards and stay in this particular position for five seconds. Take a break and repeat this process ten more times.

Toe pencil pickups

This exercise is extremely simple. Place a pencil on the floor and then pick it up with your toes. Keep your body in this position for ten seconds and then release the pencil. Repeat the exercise five times using both feet.

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