Scientists say that starting work before 10 AM is similar to torture

Dr. Paul Kelley is a leading researcher at Oxford University, and he says that having to wake up and start working before 10 AM, has an enormous effect on our overall health.

The biological timer within our body also called the circadian rhythm, is a genetically pre-programmed cycle that can regulate the production of hormones in our body and regulates our perception of time, brain activity and our energy levels.

This means that this cycle is unnaturally affected, when the body wakes up early in the morning, which can eventually lead to multiple body imbalances.

Dr. Kelley explains that we simply cannot change the 24-hour rhythms, because of the fact that you cannot learn to wake up at a certain time. The human heart and the liver have different patterns, and by waking up early, you ask them to shift two or three hours.

The eight-hour working schedule was designed in the early 20th century, in order to maximize the 24/7 factory productivity. When the working schedule was created, the people that created it did not take these facts into consideration. The human body is negatively affected because it is forced to revolve around the daily sunlight cycle, while the business strategies are not. It really should be the other way around.

Dr. Kelley added that the modern society is deprived of sleep, which makes this an international issue. The people are suffering, and they should not be.

He is proposing that we move the start time of British schools from 8:30 in the morning to 10 AM. There were numerous studies that were conducted on this subject, and all of them showed that the students improved their general productivity, their grades and attendance levels when they started at 10 AM.

He also states that these changes will bring improvements in other social sectors, because people will be more concentrated on their work, and they will be full of energy.

Workers that start before 10 AM, however, are exposed to physical and emotional stress, which can lead to numerous long-term health risks.

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