Scientists reveal that our emotions can shape the world around us!

Today, we are going to talk about a discovery that was made by connecting the results of three other studies.

According to the scientists, the human emotion has the ability and strength to shape everything around us, even reality itself.

These were three experiments that were made. In the first experiment, a human DNA was placed and isolated in a sealed container. Then, the container was placed close to a test subject.

The researchers then emotionally stimulated the donor, and his emotions had an impact on the DNA which was located in a completely different room! When the donor experienced negative emotions, the DNA tightened, and when he experienced positive emotions, the DNA relaxed. This is what made the scientists conclude that people’s emotions can produce an effect that defies the conventional laws of physics.

In the second experiment, another group of researchers drew out WBCs from the donors, and then put them in a room in order to measure electrical changes. They have placed the DNA samples in another room, in the same building. The donor, as well as the DNA, were observed at the same time, while the donor showed emotional signs. What is interesting, is that the DNA was showing same responses simultaneously.

What is more, the researchers were curious to find out how far can they take the DNA away from the donor and have the same effect. They separated them with a distance of 50 miles, and they were still getting the same result.

This made the scientists conclude that the donor and its DNA, are able to communicate no matter how far away they are from one-another. It is fascinating.

Finally, the third experiment revealed something surprising. The team of researchers was monitoring the effects of the DNA on the world. They put light photons (which are everywhere around us), in a vacuum, and then monitored them. Then, they put DNA in the vacuum, and what was interesting, is the fact that the photons stopped acting random, and instead, they followed the geometry of the DNA. Scientists say that there may be a new field of energy.

They have concluded that our energy has the ability to shape the world that we are living in. This is what makes them believe that the human emotion has an impact on the human DNA, which in turn, has an impact on the world that we are living in.

Also, the fact remains that the humans and their DNA are connected, no matter where they are. We as humans, use our feelings to choose our reality.

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