Scientists and doctors debunk the myth that using an electric fan while sleeping can cause death!

Is there a danger of using an electric fan while sleeping?

This theory originated from Korea, and it says that there is a real danger of using an electric fan while sleeping. In the tropical countries, an air-condition or an electric fan is a must-have. People are used to turning on their electric fan, because of the high temperatures, especially when they are sleeping at night.

The small children have trouble sleeping unless there is a cold breeze touching their cheeks. In countries like Malaysia, Singapore or the Philippines, you simply cannot turn your electric fan or air condition off, because the heat will simply ruin your sleep.

This myth has taken the internet by storm because it says that using an electric fan while sleeping will cause a sudden death. It says that it will slow down the metabolism and lower the body temperature way below normal, which will, in turn, cause the heart to stop.

But how true is this? Well, doctors and researchers say that this is just wrong, because of the fact that when the core temperature of the body is lowered to 28 degrees, it will lead to heartbeat irregularities. When the temperature is lowered to 20 degrees Celsius, the heart will stop completely. But the part that cannot happen, is that one electric fan simply cannot lower the temperature of the body that much in one night.

There are of course some electric fans that have a timer on them, and contrary to some people’s beliefs, they are being put there not to prevent death, but to reduce the electric bills. So, if you believed this theory before, you can relax because it has been scientifically proven wrong.

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