This is how I removed sciatic pain in lower back and legs – VIDEO

There are a number of people who are suffering from lower back pain and also sciatica or radiculopathy.

They describe this conditions as a mild burning sensation, feeling of pins and needles, shooting pain, tingling or electricity that most of the times happens down the leg or around the hips.

Lower back pain and sciatica are very painful conditions, and the treatments for these conditions are different.

Centralization is a concept developed by some healthcare professionals that wanted to help their patients and ease their pain. The basic idea of this concept is that the pain should go up the lower back area while the condition is healed. It can be painful, and in some cases this procedure even intensifies the pain, but it is an indicator that the treatment is working and that it provides positive effects. Another sign that this method is successful is if the patient no longer feels pain in the leg.

Werneke decided to conduct a research in 2008, in which patients that underwent centralization, reported their experiences and symptoms and using their testimonies, the researchers tried to conclude if centralization has positive results or not.

The results were incredible! 17% of all the patients reported symptoms that were linked to centralization. It may be that these results were influenced by the nature of the injury, but nevertheless, the results are still amazing.

It was also evident that patients who had more severe symptoms were more susceptible to centralization, than the ones that were in better health conditions and much younger.

Non-centralization on the other hand, is linked with much higher pain results in patients with lumbar symptoms.


We must also mention that the results were not affected by the number of visits, or more specifically, centralization helps determine the functional and pain status in patients with lumbar pain.

Robin A. McKenzie, an experienced specialist who focused his career on disk related pain reduction, offered another solution. The issues with disc pain, characterize themselves with pain that starts from the glutes and goes down to the toes, essentially affecting the whole leg.

It doesn’t matter if you are sitting, walking, standing or lying down, you will be still able to feel numbing pain or in some cases, tingling sensation.

McKenzie invented an exercise that is called “The McKenzie press-up”. It is very effective and it has helped hundreds of thousands of people so far. It centralizes the pain in a specific lower back area and treats it quite effectively.



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